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Protecting Dog Paws in Winter

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When winter comes, it seems like we fall into a routine of putting on snowboots. It’s common to look around the office and see a few pairs of snowboots that people don’t even have the gumption to change out of anymore. In the same way that we wear snowboots to protect our feet from the cold, wet, and slippery conditions outside, dogs’ paws need to be covered and protected to keep them safe from numerous winter-only factors.

Why Winter Dog Boots?

A Salt Assault

The number one reason why you should consider boots for your dog this winter is because of the rock salt that is widely used to thaw ice on sidewalks and roadways. This rock salt is minorly annoying for people, as it directly causes that white scummy look on our cars, crunches unsightly under our feet, and turns potential ice into a distastefully squishy slush. For dogs, however, rock salt is more than just annoying, it is actually dangerous. Not only can rock salt easily cut your pup’s feet, but it also has more worrisome effects as well; the chemical reaction caused by the salt sticking to your pup’s paw pads and touching water can quickly cause painful damage. Worse still, when your dog’s paws hurt, their natural inclination is to lick them clean; this creates even more problems, as even small doses of rock salt can make your dog very ill. In the same way that you should make sure to keep antifreeze sealed and out of your dog’s reach, you absolutely should take precautions for the rock salt they will encounter on walks. There are pet-friendly salt alternatives, but for walks or journeys to the pet store, you’ll want them to have winter dog boots on.

Under Snow? Don’t Know

Navigating your yard with a substantial amount of snow may be manageable for you, since you can remember (more or less) where the barriers and obstacles are. Unlike you, however, your dog is a little more confused and a lot less aware of what lies in wait beneath the snow. This means that while they may have a great time running around playing in the all-new terrain that is created by the snowfall, they could be unknowingly risking their paws. Whether it’s a rake that was forgotten in the yard or something as simple as a stick that fell during the last snowstorm, your dog could easily cut a paw in the snow. Simply wearing winter dog boots can allow them to have fun without risking their paws. As an added benefit, they can play longer before the cold catches up to them!

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