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Should I Buy Boots For My Dog This Winter?

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Winter is right around the corner, so it’s time to start thinking about protecting your dog’s paws on those cold, snowy days. Snow, ice, and cold, squishy mud can make it challenging for you dog to walk outdoor surfaces during winter, especially when surfaces like trails, sidewalks, and streets are iced over. What’s more, cold surfaces — both flat and jagged — can cause damage to the pads, nails, and fur on your pup’s feet. If you and your pup like to stay active year-round, don’t let the cold weather slow down your adventure time. There are some top-notch dog apparel brands that make stellar all weather dog boots and winter dog boots, all of which are durable, warm, cozy, and waterproof. So when you ask yourself, “Should I buy boots for my dog?” the answer is a matter of opinion, but here at My Hooves and Paws online pet store, we say, “Yes!” — and here’s why.

Reasons to Buy Winter Dog Boots

Protection Against the Cold

One of the best reasons to consider getting your precious pup dog booties is they protect their hands and feet from the cold. Even though dogs’ paws are strong and made to tread through all sorts of environments, spending a lot of time outdoors when its cold can cause your dog to experience some discomfort. If you like taking your furry friend on wintry hikes through snow-covered trails, their paws can become quite cold. Snow can get trapped in-between their toes and collect in their fur. Good-fitting dog boots that don’t rub against your dog’s paws will keep their hands and feet wrapped up in a warm cocoon of weatherproofing.

Protects Furry Feet From Ice

For dogs who have longer paw fur, dog booties can help keep their furry feet free from ice and debris while on hikes and walks. Sometimes, when dogs first come out of the house to go on a walk on icy streets and sidewalks, their warm paws and foot fur can stick to icy surfaces, which can injure their poor little paws. What’s more, slick surfaces can also lead to injuries in your dog’s wrists, elbows, shoulders, ankles, knees, and hips. Tendon and ligament injuries can occur in these locations from slips and falls on icy surfaces. But dog booties can not only protect their cute little paws from ice, but they can also give them better traction for walking and running on slick surfaces.

Shields Paws From Salt and Ice Melt

One of the biggest problems pet parents face during the winter is when their pets come into contact with salt or ice melt. Ice melt can be toxic for pets, causing skin irritations on their paws and skin, and making them ill if the lick it off their paws and ingest it. While many companies have begun making pet-friendly ice melt and salt to melt ice and snow away from surfaces, there’s really no way to tell the toxic from non-toxic ice melts when you’re out walking your furry friend. Covering their paws with dog boots shields them from touching salt and ice melt, reducing the risk of them having a reaction to the ice melt. Plus, this can give pet parents peace of mind in knowing their precious pups are less likely to have ice melt stuck to their feet, in-between their toes, and stuck in their fur, which they could lick off later once they are back home.

Can Safeguard Paws against Mud

Okay, now we know that just about every dog loves splashing around in mud from time-to-time, but this can lead to an awful mess that pet parents have to clean up. When your dog wears dog booties, you don’t have to worry about their hands and feet getting covered in mud if you come across a muddy patch while on a rainy or snowy wintertime hike. What’s more, you never know what has gotten lodged in a mud puddle. There could be sharp rocks, or worse, sharp glass, pieces of jagged plastic, and more stuck in the mud just waiting for your dog to step on. Dog boots made by Ultra Paws® and Muttluks® are super durable and have a thick lining that is not only comfortable, but also highly protective.

Keeps Their Paws Dry

Most dogs love water and there’s nothing wrong with them getting their feet wet. But if you’re out on a long hike in chilly temperatures and there’s snow, icy water, and mud in your path, this could become hazardous for your dog. While dog’s feet stay warmer than that of their human counterparts, many pet experts still recommend using waterproof dog booties to prevent exposure and keep their feet dry.

Shop Our Online Pet Store

There are so many reasons to consider getting your furry family member dog boots this winter. The important thing to keep in mind as you shop for dog boots and other winter dog apparel is that size does matter. You don’t want the dog boots to be so tight that they restrict movement and circulation, but you also don’t want them to be too loose. If dog booties are too loose, they can rub against their hands and feet causing skin irritations and pulling on their coats. Don’t let cold, wintry weather keep you and your four-legged friend from your outdoor adventures. Rather, get your pup the coziest, warmest winter gear to keep them protected from the elements all winter long! Visit My Hooves and Paws online pet store to order the best dog boots at the lowest prices just on time for winter.

At My Hooves and Paws, customer satisfaction is our highest priority and we want you and your furry family members to be happy with your purchases. If you have questions about which dog boots we recommend for specific breeds, seasons, and/or activities, please do not hesitate to reach out to us online or by calling our friendly customer support team.

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