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The Numerous Benefits of Ruffwear Backpacks

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If you have an outdoorsy family or an energetic dog, then you should absolutely look into picking up a Ruffwear backpack for future expeditions. With this awesome accessory, your dog will feel fulfilled, tire out a little easier, and even help to carry the load on hikes and camping trips.

Why Choose a Ruffwear Backpack?

There are many dog backpacks out there, some are incredibly cheap, but only Ruffwear makes backpacks that fulfill your dog in numerous ways while standing up to the strain that will be placed upon it.

Sense of Purpose

Dog breeds are not a completely natural occurrence; actually, they have been dramatically influenced and altered by human intervention over the course of thousands of years. People basically bred dogs to achieve specific goals over time, such as helping with hunting, using their heightened senses for tracking, eliminating unwanted critters, general protection, or even rescuing people in extreme conditions. Today, however, very few dogs are actually used or chosen for their breed’s purpose, but rather for their size, appearance, and other factors. This basically leaves many dogs feeling unfulfilled, which can lead to a lot of misbehaviors. The great thing about a Ruffwear backpack is the sense of purpose it can give a dog that is always looking for something else to do on walks, hikes, or camping trips. This can go a long way to calming their behavior and is often actually more fun for the dog.

Carry Your Weight

It only makes sense that everyone should carry their weight, whether you’re taking a simple picnic in the park or a backpacking trip in the mountains. Your dog can carry their own water, collapsable bowl, and even their “business” once the bag gets full. The best part about letting your dog carry their own water and snacks is that as the hike or trip goes on their weight load will lessen, giving them an easier time on the way back. One reason why Ruffwear backpacks are such a great choice is that their backpacks come with a detachable harness, meaning you can take the pack over for them to give them a break on a hot day without having to rig up or even bring another harness. Feel free to keep the pack loaded with non-perishables too, such as their dog paw covers and food/water bowls; all you’ll have to do is stock water and food, and you’ll be ready to go!

Backpacks Beg to Get Used

When you see your dog’s Ruffwear backpack hanging in the hall closet, you’ll just want to use it. Not only are Ruffwear backpacks funny looking and fun-inspiring, but your dog will absolutely love the association they have between their pack and a great day. Find all of the accessories you’re looking for during your trip in our robust online pet shop, where you can pick up everything from dog boots and leashes to your favorite Ruffwear backpacks.

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